Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. Dance 2019

A great crowd as usual for the Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance.  This themed dance originated many years ago to earn money that went towards our polkafestival held Thanksgiving weekend for 15 years.  After several years of loss, the club decided to discontinue the local polkafest.  Plenty of colorful people in their colorful attire attend this every year now. Joe Polach's St Louis Express Band provided the entertainment in 2019.

the Band + friends
Joe Polach's St Louis Express band with guest artists Fred Buechner, John Schott and John Schweiger. Carolyn and Bob Allen are now regulars at our dances, they drive from Springfield, IL to attend.
Michael and Barbara Bergmire look like they've been on a Hawaiian vacation. Two of our officers decked out in Hawaiian attire.  Evelyn Digman the recording secretary is with Ed Lanfer the club president.  
Marcella and Charlie Jurkowski - fun and festive with these two. Ron and Audrey Mueller take a break from dancing to refresh themselves.
Fran Janik and Tom Markovic, always ready to dance and dress in costume. Judy and Jim Halwachs sport matching Hawaiian Shirts.  They are a fun couple and really enjoy polka dancing, and are here with their grandson Caleb.
Rick Jurkowski, David Vanberkel, Patti Verberkel, Mary Dalman and Ernie Dalman hunker down in the back corner table and enjoy the day. Oleg and Nuriya Karin. Oleg is the bass player in the band and Nuriya is his dancing loving wife.
Gene and Wanda East share their table with Jeannine Burch.  They each recently joined the club, and now Jeannine is a regular!  So glad to have you. Judy Stampfl and Betty Schott - Polka Pals.

Last updated 25 November 2019

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