Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. Dance 2014

A great crowd as usual for our event and with their tropical prints for the clubs Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance.  The Accordion Duo featuring Pat Auberry and Sonny Buchmann provided the entertainment and played a number of Hawaiian tunes, but were a little dissapointed that there wasn't anyone in a grass skirt with cocomut shells..  

Beverly and Charles Stracklejahn recently joined the club and fit right in.  Their attire was purchased in Hawaii. Leonard and Adele Prouhet - add a purple hue to the festivities.  Keep smiling and enjoy every moment!
FrFrancisTebahguraEdwardKasule.jpg edForys.jpg
Fr Francis Tebahgura and friend Edward Kasule enjoy their time spent at Polish Hall listening to polka music Ed Forys is a long time supporter of both Polish Hall and the St Louis Metro Polka Club.
JudyBobKult.jpg MauriceMariettaMareschal.jpg
Bob and Judy Kult provided the food and Hawiian table decorations at the SHIRT dance. Marietta and Maurice Mareschal try to attend all club functions.
PaulaWeissLorettaMarcus.jpg AlbertMaxineCzerniejewskiDeloresKrzyzanowski.jpg
Paula Weiss and Rita Dmitroff share a fun moment at Polish Hall. Maxine and Albert Czerniejewski attend the event with Maxine's sister Delores Krzyzanowski. 
LaverneKienle.jpg RonClaireAndracsek.jpg
Rose Kayser and Laverne Kienle just getting off the dance floor.  Laverne took the pcture to the right and promptly chopped off the top of the former club president's head. Claire and Ron Andracsek. Ron's new hairdo is compliments of Laverne's photographic skills. 
ChesterLilKopec.jpg ClarkSchaffer.jpg
Chester and Lil Kopec are happy to take your money as they typically staff the admission desk and take charge of the 50/50 raffle. Enedina and Don Clark hug each other while Clarence and Vera Schaffer look on.
FranJanik_TomMarkovic.jpg EvaTonyGeneEvelyn.jpg
Fran Janik and Tom Markovic.  Fran was the club's social director for many years. Eva Wojciciki, Tony Piechnik and Gene and Evelyn Vets come early to get their table.
JoannJackFedcak.jpg LauryWalkerSmith.jpg
Joann and Jack Fedcak in their Hawiian attire. Jeanette Laury, Vera and Sonny Walker and Laverne Smith enjoyed the band so much the previous night in Mascoutah, they decided to double dip the experience.
MarionCzyzewskiJoeKuc.jpg SonnyBuchmannPatAuberry.jpg
Marion Czyzewski and Joe Kuc are always looking for dance partners. Sonny Buchmann and Pat Auberry - are the Accordion Duo and performed for the club in matching Hawiian attire.
ClarenceAnnMeyerTony.jpg DigmanDannyJosephinePaszkiewicz.jpg
Clarence Kozuszek, Ann Meyer, and Tony Brandt - love to have fun on the dance floor. Evelyn Digman, Danny and Josephine Paszkiewicz. are all decked out in colorful flowered shirts for the day's dance.
JudyStampflAnnPelechEdLanfer.jpg MarekJankowiczWandaLoks.jpg
Judy Stampfl, Ann Pelech share a table with club president Ed Lanfer. Filming for TV Cracovia are Marek Jankowicz and Wanda Loks.
MikeBarbBergmire.jpg RuthDaleNagel.jpg
Mike and Barb Bergmire are both former club officers. Ruth and Dale Nagel took a short drive from Highland Illinois to attend the event.

Last updated 14 August 2014

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