Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. Dance 2012

Pineapples, cocomuts, palms, flowers and leis - even travel brocures were decorating Polish Hall for the Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance.  Originally the event was held to replace a raffle ticket fundraiser.  We had so much fun, we decided to make this an annual event.    A great crowd as usual for our event and with their tropical prints.  Polka Connection and Larry Hallar's Two Star Final provided the six hour entertainment.  Event was held at Polish Hall, 826 Greenwood Street, Madison, IL.

Don and Enedina Clark look high and low for matching shirts, and when they can't be found Enedina will alter them. Ladies (Bernice Grabowski and Josophine Paszkiewicz) vs  Men (Francis Grabowski and Danny Paszkiewicz) -hard to tell who has the better time.
John and Betty Schott - soaking in the Hawaiian atmosphere. Former Club officers Claire and Ron Andracsek. join dear friend Helen Rademacher in this colorful photo.
Musician Dave Hylla brought his dautghter Amelia and her her cousin Madeline to have a little fun with the Hawaiian theme.dance. Theresa Jordan and Bob Galik taking a breather from all that dancing.
Evelyn Digmann is doing a great job as the clubs recording secretary. Theresa Wilfinger and neice Debbie dress up for fun.  
Elsie Bill
Elsie and Bill Mlacnik are members of both the St Louis Metro Polka Club and the Springfield PolKof A in Springfield, Il .  Thanks for coming so far. Vera and Clarence Schaffer sure know how to have fun and are great dancers..
Barbara and Mike Bergmire and Fran Janik  stand behind buddy Pat Bednara. This friendly bunch always share a table. Christina and Mike Frost in the foreground, Mike's parents Alvin and Joyce Frost in the background.
That winning smile is beaming from Wanda Loks.    Around the table are Eva Wojciki, Tony Piechnik, Gene and Evelyn Vets.  Friends for over 20 years.
left side
right side
Hard to capture this gang in one photo - so left side and right side photos can tell the story.  Frank Langenhorst, Jack Fedak, ?, George Novak and Al Thor.................................................................................................... ...Right side Al Thor, Jan Thor, Mary Albers, Joann Fedak (otherwise known as Jack's wife) and Shirley Langenhorst.  Shirley is the mainstay of the club these days as she is the treasurer and corresponding secreatry (hopefully a temporary job).
Far right is Ed Lahfer, Polka club president.  A newcomer is with Terry Bolf. Jim and Gladys Williamson from Belleville - just a hop ship and a ...no wait - it's just a polka away.
Ann Pelkack, Nancy Confer,  Ann Meyer, and hey...whose that trying to get out of the picture? Ralph and Agnes Forys, Laverne Kienlr and Clara Popovchak face the camera for a group shot.
Charlie Jurkowski, d Mary Dalman, Marcella Jurkowski and Estelle Dalman share good times together.. What's this vintage station wagon doing here?  It belongs to club president Ed Lanfer.  Probably does not get great gas mileage, but it gets plenty of great looks.

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