Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. Dance 2010

Hot weather didn't put a damper on these dancers.  A great crowd as usual for our event and with the exception of the occasional plaid shirt , most were tropical prints for the clubs Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance.  Polka Connection and Larry Hallar's Two Star Final provided the six hour entertainment.  

Theresa Wilfinger and her niece Debbie and great niece Whitney share a fun family moment at Polish Hall.  Sharon Coleman and MaryRhodes are learning how fun dancing the polka can be.
Vera and Sonny Walker don't miss too many opportunities to dance to Larry Hallar's band. Carnetta and Don Vonder Haar, buddies with Sonny and Vera at left really know how to trip the light fantastic on the dance floor.
Alvin and Joyce Frost. do the schottish. Leonard and Maryann Frost take a breather from dancing.
Newly elected Recording Secretary, Evelyn Digmann poses with RoseMary and Alex Daus.  Their table has the distinction of having the most winning raffle tickets. Ferd Hadowsky and Dora Eck from the Springfield, IL  area gave dual memberships in the St Louis Metro Polka Club and the Illinois Chapter of the Polka Lovers Klub of America.
Estele Dallman provides an appropriate necktie to Charlie Jurkowski while her husband Danny watches with amusement. Lorraine Pisaski and Loretta Pittaluga share a  secret.
Andy and Irene Besserman have been club members for over 15 years. When Jim Confer isn't playing the drums for Larry Haller, he's dancing with his wife Nancy.
Carol Taake and Bob Galik share a platonic embrace on the dance floor. Donna Eckberg (also known as Dancin' Donna)  and new club president Ed Lanfer (also known as "Mr. Ed")  are dressed appropriately in their Hawaiian Shirts.
Laverna Koviak and Fred Lueckerath in the foreground. Wanda Loks is in the background is a reporter for TV Crackovia. Sally and Al Kula try to make the club's special dances.  Hey Al -- since when was plaid Hawaiian???
John and Dolores Burghardt are great dancers and they enjoy foreign travel too. When John Schweiger (also known as "button box John") isn't playing the button box accordion with Delores Berger - he is having a good time listening to polka music.
99% of the time sisters Delores Krzyzanowski and Maxine Czerniejewski are at the first table closest to the dance floor with their husbands Lambert  and Al respectively. Marilyn Gula and Helen Quirin like to dress up for the Hawaiian Shirt Dance.
Vera and Clarence Schaffer welcome the bands with pompoms and big smiles. Ralph and Agnes Forys are often so early to the dances that they help put the chairs down.  Thanks for the help!
Fran Janik and Tom Markovic dance a Cajun number. Evelyn Vets has been cooking and serving home made dishes for many years for the Polka Club.  Sad for us that we'll be missing her cooking next year, she plans to dance in 2011 - and leave the cooking to Polish Hall.
Enedena and Don Clark always take great care to be dressed in complimentary outfits. Naomi and Stanley Szylowski find something to laugh about.
mike_christina_frost.jpg joe_marcie_kuc2.JPG
Newlyweds Mike and Christina Frost have a good time dressing up in their Hawaiian attire. Marcie and Joe Kuc always having fun and always with smiles on their faces.
Rose_Joe_Krystopa.jpg Lorraine_Wes2.JPG
Joe and Rose Krystopa, members from Granite City don't have very far to go to get to Polish Hall. Wes Kaetzel and Lorraine Sission make quite a spectacular couple at our special events.  Always dressed to the 9's and always on the dance floor.

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