Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. Dance 2009

Tropical prints were the order of the day as people packed the Polish Hall and joined in the fun for the clubs Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance.  Polka Connection and Larry Hallar's Two Star Final provided the phenominal entertainment.  The club discontinued its raffle ticket sales for our festival and replaced it with this dance which is  less work for the ticket sellers, and a moneymaker for the club.  Hot weather didn't put a damper on these dancers.

Pat and Cathy Dibello took a quick break from their dancing.  They rejoined the club after attending the 25th anniversary celebration this year, and we hope they continue to attend our events. Theresa Wilfinger and Ray Boland are becoming regulars at our events.
Eva Wojcicki, Tom Markovic, and Fran Janik gather for a quick snapshot. Ann Meyer, current vice president, and Shirley Schultz, former club president, stand behind Ann Muich our polka gal with longevity!
Dancin Donna and her husband Cha Cha Willie scoot around the dance floor like pros. Claire and Ron Andracsek get in a dance or two at every event the club has.
Carnetta and Don Vonder Haar; bright smiles to go along with their bright shirts. Chester and Lil Kopec didn't get the memo on dressing in their Hawaiian attire.
Adele and Leonard Prouhet welcome the bands with pom-poms in the club colors - blue and white. Dan and Jo Paszkiewicz, haven't missed a polka club event in years.
Delores Taylor and John Burghardt take a quick break in their dancing to pose for the camera. Dick and Pat Mulchay brighten up a corner in Polish Hall with their colorful shirts.
Don and Enedina Clark - tropical birds on their matching shirts. Ed and Regina Forys, support their Polish Hall and the Polka Club at every opportunity.
Don Harper and ???  Jeanne Lane Donna Eckberg, Bill Schaeffer Gene Vetz and Ed Lanfer take it easy at the Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance.  Nobody needs to be sick or injured!
Frances Gajewski, Bob Galik and Theresa Jordan  - buddies! Harold and Eleanor Sumowski - all the way from Troy, MO.
Jerry Wells and Joyce Bettorf -  Joann and Jack Fedak - no need to agonize over what to wear - colorful shirts are in the closet.
Judy and Bob Kult - friends surprised them with a club membership and now rarely miss an event.  They've taught their children to polka dance and often a few of them will show up to club events. Kathy and Sid Barone - don't make it to club events often, but when they do they tear up the dance floor.  
lorraine_sisson_wes_kaetzel rose_debvc_evelyn_digman
Lorraine Sisson and Wes Kaetzel could win a prize for their outfits for the club's special events. Rose Debvc and Evelyn Digman - polka pal gals.
ruth_michalski_herman_heinrich tony_piechnic_helen_baim
Ruth Michalski gets a kick out of Herman Heinrich's sense of humor. Tony Piechnic and Helen Baim friends for a long time.

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