Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T Dance 2005

A great time was had by all at the Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance. People began arriving as early as 11:30 AM to get a good seat next to the dance floor and the dance didn't even start until 1:00 PM. There were plenty of exhausted dancers 6 hours later when the event closed. Many of the women this year decided to place flowers in their hair in addition to donning colorful clothing, and our photographer tried to capture as many of them as possible. Hope you enjoy our colorful look. In case you were wondering why S.H.I.R.T. - it's an acronym for Selling's Hard for Individual Raffle Tickets. We discontinued our free room night raffle ticket sales for our festival and replaced it with this dance. It's certainly more fun and less work.

Barb and Mike Bergmire
Barb and Mike Bergmire share an intimate moment.  Barb is currently the Director of Constitution for our club and Mike formerly served as Corresponding Secretary for many years..
Manuel Lopez, Maxine and Albert Czerniejewski and Gerry Lopez chat on the dance floor.  Gerry insists - no rumors about her and Al. as a result of this photo with his hand on her shoulder.
Alex Daus
Alex Daus dances with many, he's here with Josephine  Paskiewicz.
Rosemary Debevc hugs Charlie Jurkowski in a rare brake from her duties as kitchen helper.
Eva Wojiska and  Ray Baniak
Don and Enedina Clark in matching outfits.
Ray Baniak and Eva Wojcicki with matching leis.
Evelyn Digman, Rosemary Daus,  Josephine Paskiewicz and Irene Lawrence, their smiles tell it all - they love to have fun.
Joyce, Alvin and Mike Frost found these great matching shirts - just one of many in their collection of Hawaiian attire.
Frank Langenhorst dances with Marcella Jurkowski..  Frank is a former club officer  and both he and Marcella are great dancers.
Irene and Gene Lawrence.  Gene is the club's corresponding secretary and is doing a great job with the quarterly newsletter.
Anna Meyer and Joe Seper on the dance floor.  This is Joe's first time on the web site.
Mary Reeve, Shirley Singer and Darlene Bush are all decked out with flowers.  The last time many saw these 3 together they were dressed in "fanny costumes" in the Ozarks.  Welcome back!
boys Schaffer
Ron Andracsek (current club President), Ralph Oelke and Wayne Heinemeyer are good buddies and party pals.
Vera and Clarence Schaeffer are both past officers and can really dance well to all types of music.
Wrobeleski surtin
Ellie Willbrand and Jim Wroblewski dancing again, and again, and again.
First timers to the Hawaiian S.H.I.R.T. dance, Bob Surtin and Betty Beckett take to the dance floor. 
Wes Kaetzel and Lorraine Sisson always come to our theme dances decked out in fabulous attire.
Jack and Wanda Titterington.  Wanda's sporting her "Jagermeister hat" with some additional flowered leis on the brim in the Hawaiian spirit.
Steve and Amy Wroblewski with their 4 month old Alex in his Hawaiian pants.  The proud parents are making sure Alex gets exposed to polka music early and are keeping Grandpa Jim happy. Helen O'Guin and Charlie Kujawski look like they're ready to hula. Charlie looks like he's sweating a bit while Helen looks cool and comfortable..

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