The Contrast Dance -

A "fund raiser" for the club, where you dress in your most contrasting outfits - mixing colors, patterns and styles. 
Many are always willing to participate in club functions -- we carefully select our outfits for the Contrast Dance.

bednara_andracsek dina_clark_jack_fedak
Pat Bednara and Claire Andracsek Dina Clark and Jack Fedak
betty_john_schott joe_marcie_kuc
Betty and  her son John Schott Joe and Marcie Kuc - rags and riches
Jack_Joanne_Fedak Gerry_Manuel_Lopez
Jack and Joanne Fedak Gerry and Manuel Lopez
Josephine_Dan_Paszkiewicz Dina_Don_Clark
Josephine and Dan Paszkiewicz Dina and Don Clark contrast in color, pattern, style and size.
Folkfire patrons Donna, Joe, and Claire Maryann and Fred Buechner and Jim
Brenda_Archie_Schoenbeck Evelyn_Vets
Brenda and Archie Schoenbeck show off their unique style. Evelyn Vets models the many moods of the Pillsburry doughboy

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