St. Louis Metro Polka Club's Officers June 2023- June 2025 Term


Terry Becker
Terry Becker

President - enforce the club's constitution and bylaws. Preside at the club meeting. Exercise supervision of the affairs of the club and issue temporary executive orders as necessary. Call special sessions of the Executive board as required. The Board of Directors shall have the power to veto the decisions of the President by majority vote at either a regular or special meeting of the board. Appoint all committees and assistants as deemed necessary. Recommend to the board of Directors appointees to fill unexpired terms of office occurring between elections.

Norm Schaefer

Vice-President - Act in the absence or disability of the president, or when requested by the president. Assist in implementing the policies of the club. Fulfill any special assignments or projects assigned by the president. Authorized to set up the Audit Committee to verify the financial ledgers creditability.

Denise Henke Becker

Recording Secretary - Attend all meetings of the club as required and keep appropriate minutes of all proceedings.  Maintain all documents and records pertaining to the club. Responsible for all routine correspondence of the club as designated by the president.

Shirley Langenhorst

Treasurer - Responsible for all funds received, provide receipts for all monies received and see that no bills shall be made without the approval of the board of directors.Checks issued against club accounts shall be signed by at least two of the following three authorized officers, the President, the treasurer and/or the Recording Secretary.  An approved system of booking shall be established so that a financial record is available for monthly reports. Responsible for federal and state income tax preparation.

Corresponding Secretary -Conduct all correspondence, provide membership applications upon request, maintain the membership roster and notify all members through the quarterly Newsletter of regular or special meetings and other club activities

Currently Vacant

Sergeant-At-Arms - Act as custodian of all tangible properties, maintain attendance record for each meeting, maintain order during club meetings and perform other duties as the board of directors may direct.

blankface Currently Vacant

Director-At-Large - Act as Pro Tem in the absence of both the president and vice president.  Other duties will be delegated by the board.

Director-Constitution - Chair committees to study, clarify or review any questions pertaining to the constitution/ by-laws and fact-finding.


Clara Schaefer

Director-Social - appoint all social function committee chairpersons, work with the chairpersons and president on all presentations, and hire bands for monthly functions.

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