St. Louis Metro Polka Club's Gift Guide

Searching for Gift Ideas?

Want to show everybody you're a member? Consider adding an embroidered jacket or shirt to your polka attire. Perhaps a tablecolth or cloth bag embroidered with the logo is more your style.

A paid membership for the St. Louis Metro Polka Club is only $12.00. Fill out a membership application (click here) and mail it in.

A paid membership for the International Polka Association, Inc 

Joint any of the variety of polka clubs across the country 

Subscribe to the Polish American Journal

Subscribe to the Am-Pol Eagle

Check out the Texas Polka News

Become a Wisconsin Polka Booster

Pins and tie tacks can be purchased with various musical instruments on them, including accordions. Look at quality music shops for this type of item.

Gift certificates are available as well for our special events. your request.- - please include POLKA in the subject line.

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Modified but prices not updated Feb 27. 2022.